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Green Flag is the third largest breakdown service provider in the UK and does things slightly different to the AA and RAC, whilst those two companies are fighting amongst each other following each other around Green flag have done things very differently in an attempt to lower the cost of cover. Green flag don’t use dedicated uniform patrols like the AA & RAC instead they use local garages which they claim can lower the price of the  expenses involved in harbouring your own fleet and you also get mechanics local knowledge.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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The way they quote the cost of breakdown cover is different to they take personal circumstance into account. Green flag primarily do vehicle cover although you can extend the cover to be personal it does cost extra to do so. Also Green Flag take a quote of other details like your car model, age, miles travels and personal details about yourself to tailor the quote which means you could get it much cheaper. All or estimates are based on a 30yr old man driving a 2005 ford focus.

Green Flags breakdown service options consists of 4 levels; rescue, rescue+, recovery & recovery+

Remember Green Flag is vehicle based cover by default and it will cost extra to get personal based cover. Green Flag currently don’t offer joint or family membership.


Rescue cover is the entry level of breakdown cover and will give you basic roadside assistance for you vehicle if you were to breakdown. If your car can’t be started they will give you a local tow to the nearest garage. Green Flag also has a text message service where they will text your friends or family if you breakdown. This option doesn’t give you home protection or a tow any further than to a local destination from the breakdown site.


Rescue +

Green Flags Rescue + gives you all the cover that Rescue does but adds on home start so if you were to breakdown or your car not start at your home address you would be eligible for Green flag to come and attend you vehicle problem.



Green Flags Recovery service gives you a choice of where you want to be towed to. If you breakdown and your car cannot be started then you and your passengers can be towed to any destination of your choice in the UK. This is different from the local tow available in Rescue & Rescue+, if you were to breakdown 200 miles away from home they you would get towed to the nearest garage and still be 200 miles away from home. With Recovery you can be asked to be towed home or a garage near your home. Green Flags Recovery breakdown option doesn’t include home start.



In this option you get both Green Flags home protection and their recovery service. You will have roadside assistance home start and if they can’t get your car started you can be towed to any UK destination of your choice.