AA Breakdown Cover

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AA Breakdown Cover

Considered by many to be the premier breakdown club it has the largest membership base of any breakdown cover company. They are often seen to be the market leaders when it comes to launching new products; they were the first company to offer a courtesy car (onward cover only) in the event of a breakdown.

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AA Breakdown

Not only do the AA have the largest breakdown membership they also have an exceptionally high retention rate. The number of people renewing their membership with the AA each year is huge they have 95% of their members renew with them each year. With so many members and a huge percentage of them renewing each year then they must be doing something right.

One of the biggest common reasons for people leaving the AA is the price of membership and they see the AA as the most expensive because they are seen as one of the premier services, but that’s not quite true. The AA currently offers the largest online discount which is typically between 20% and 35%. Depending on which options you take and taking into account the huge online discount the AA is frequently cheaper than the competition when purchased online.


Some people get put off by the cost of breakdown cover but if you’re not covered at all and you breakdown then you’re looking at a huge fee. £200 upwards is not unheard of for a simple recovery if you’re not a member. You can get the most basic level of cover from the AA for £29 and you’re covered then for a whole year. If you’re considering no cover it may be worth reconsidering.

AA membership comes in 4 different levels of cover to help tailor your policy to fit your needs. The level of cover you pick can then be placed on someone as a personal membership (which is the default of the AA) which means that person is covered in any car for the option you have chosen. The personal membership can be extended to an extra person in that house covering 2 people in a joint policy is much cheaper than taking out two separate single memberships. One more option for personal breakdown cover is family membership which extends to cover to protect two adults and 2 children and again saves a lot of money over taking out four single policies.

The other option is to cover the vehicle and not the person. Instead of covering the person in any vehicle you can cover one vehicle so it’s covered no matter who is driving it. IF you only have one car but two people needing cover it’s cheaper to cover that one car than to get a joint membership. Remember though personal membership covers you as a driver or passenger in any car so even if your in your friends car and they breakdown your still covered with personal membership.



Roadside assistance covers you in the event of a breakdown the service provider will send out a patrol to attempt to fix your vehicle. Most state you need to be more than 1/4 of a mile from your home.

With a recovery option if your vehicle can not be fixed then you and your passengers will be taken to any destination of your choice.

Home Cover
Home Cover provides you with assistance in the event of a breakdown at your home. The general distance is within 1/4 of a mile but check with your preferred breakdown recovery service.

Onward Travel
Alternative travel arrangements will be made for you most services offer a courtesy car or hotel accommodation.


How To Use

To use the tool simply click on the checkboxes, selecting the level of cover you want and the price will be displayed. The cover for the AA and RAC quote prices depending on what level of cover you are wanting. Green Flag and MORE TH>N take a full quote and look at personal circumstances.

Select who you want the cover for either personal or vehicle based cover. Personal covers the person in any vehicle this level of cover can be expanded to joint or family for people in the same house. Vehicle based cover is for one vehicle and that vehicle is covered in a breakdown regardless of who is driving