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AA Breakdown Advice

The AA offer a lot of different services is not strictly just breakdown recovery although that is their primary business. You can find on their website finance related services such as credit card savings loans insurances mortgages. Travel advice but also advice about breakdown cover. In a lot of things in life prevention is better than cure and that follow-through for breakdown cover. Perhaps one of the biggest tips is to be prepared and have AA Breakdown cover before you set off on long journeys

It’s far better to take precautions to minimise the chance that you breakdown rather than just having cover and waiting for a breakdown to happen. You don’t want to be in a breakdown situation so you want to minimise the chance that it’s actually going to happen.

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You can visit their advice page on the website to get some really good advice but also do a little rundown here.

These checks should be run frequently and especially before you set off on any long journeys especially if you’re going to be far away from your home address.

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Probably the most obvious thing is to check your tyres. This should be checked every couple weeks and make sure that the tire air pressure is where it should be it should say on the side of the tyre and look for any signs of bad wearing tear deep cuts or the tread getting thin. The legal limit is 1.6 mm. Also don’t forget to check the spare is in decent condition and inflated.


Also why your checking the spare tyre make sure that you toolkit has everything you need to change your tyres. This means you need the Jack and if you have any kind of special locking wheel nuts you also need the key roles you want but set you wheel off.

Engine oil

just use the dipstick to make sure that the oil levels between the minimum and maximum if it’s on the lower end top it up if you going to one a long journey. If you seem to be frequently topping up your engine oil you best take it to a garage and get it checked make sure its not leaking anywhere. If your oil light ever comes on then immediately get the appropriate oil for your vehicle and fill it up. Do not keep driving your car if the oil light comes on.

These are generally the most essential checks and the most frequent types of failure the AA also talks about checking your water levels your windscreen, windscreen wipers, screen wash, lights, power steering and bodywork.

The AA offer lots of motoring advice on their website and have a huge range of breakdown recovery options. Make sure you understand what level of cover you have and who is covered. You can save money by taking out joint cover or family breakdown cover. The AA also off business breakdown cover