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AA review

Like with anything that costs a few pounds you like to know what you get before you buy it and if it’s worth it. Nothing is more frustrating than spending some of your hard earned cash on something blue to be really good or to find out later it’s actually really bad. Fortunately in the day that we live in today you can find reviews for all product services and goods all over the Internet. This is a brief review of a breakdown cover.

AA breakdown cover is a service that been delivered for over a hundred years. It’s one the biggest and most established brands in the UK and easily one the most recognisable any business or company that survive that long would have to be doing something right. We undertake the date when a business established to be a sign that it’s a good business. Things change services can decline or improve. So what is the AA like now?

AA National recovery

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I have AA family breakdown cover and I have been in a breakdown situation before and had to call AA out. To be honest I don’t really feel like you could brought down in the worst situation it was rush hour and brought down in the middle of a roundabout. Luckily I had a few passengers with me the traffic notice and it was clearly visible a broken down by everyone. So other than the embarrassment of stopping the traffic for a while we managed to push the car to safety out the way with relative ease. After that I immediately called the AA slightly stressed and apprehensive as this is first time of had to use the service. Even though was rush hour they got out my vehicle within 20 minutes. Unfortunately my car was too badly broken to be repaired with the basic AA roadside cover and had to be towed. This is again probably the worst case scenario as the do fix 8/10 cars at the side of the road. So this was my first time being towed by the AA National recovery breakdown service. The mechanic was extremely friendly and reassuring basically did everything that I would have expected and made me feel comfortable about breakdown situation. We jumped in his cabin and drove us home about 20 miles I was really impressed with the speed in the ease the simplicity of the service. Like said it was everything you would expect from such a premium service and there was a moment where I felt in danger or trouble.

Don’t just take our word for it

The AA are so confident in their service and feel like they have nothing to hide all. They offer absolute transparency which I was think is great when a company offers to do this. The don’t hide anything from you you get exactly what you can even get an id or even attempt to hide anything. You can go to the main website and read reviews from current and past customers. When I first look at this part the website the first thing I saw was a negative review and I thought that it would only be people complaining. I don’t you’ve heard the old adage that if you give good customer service person generally tells one person wears if you give bad customer service person will tell 10 people. This is why even if a company can be good it can still have massively disproportionate bad reviews.

However this wasn’t the case with the AA. I was just unfortunate enough to see a bad review when I first landed on their site. You can see a rating snapshot and there’s around 10,000 reviews that been left on the website which is quite a large sample size. The vast majority give the service five stars. Many people say that they are “lifesavers” and can commend the service enough. People go on say that they receive much more than expected from the AA which is part the mantra they always try to deliver more than you expect. Obviously on the size of the AA with over 14 million members there are going to be occasions when people don’t receive the service that they expect. These people certainly reviews like said before if you have a bad service attempts sell a lot more people and if you have a good service. So in situation where having a bad service can be devastating and is a lot riding on recovering a car from breakdown situation if things are bad becoming really bad and you more likely to leave a bad review. To see so few bad reviews is very reassuring. But don’t take our word for it should definitely going to look at the AA site itself. They don’t try and hide it just click this link and you can find breakdown cover customer reviews it’s one of the main four tabs on the breakdown cover page.