Business Credit Cards

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Credit Cards For Business

Business credit cards can be a nessary part of any business. They offer an added element of flexability and make it easier to track finacial outgoings. The potential benefits of having a business credit card can be numerous it can be used for booking travel accomodation paying in advance for goods or merchandise. It can be used as a backup inacse of some unforseen shortcoming. Its also possibel to get more than one card and distribute them to your staff for expenses so all purchase made from individuals can be allocated to one account.

For most of these credit cards your business will have to have been running for a minimum of two years, not all but some banks may want you to have a current account with them prior to applying for a business credit card.

Card Description APR Balance Transfers 0% Purchases Anual Fee Apply
MBNA business card MBNA business card available to businesses running for more than 2years. 15.9% 0% for 12 months 0% for 3months £0.00
Alliance & Leicester Business Card Alliance & Leicester Business Card Available if your business has been running for more than 2 years.
15.9% 0% for 9 months 0% for 3months £50.00

As always with credit cards make sure you thoughly understand what you are signing up for before accepting the credit card. Check with the supplier for all the terms and conditions. On these credit building credit cards the APR is higher than the usual.