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Pixel Protector


If you have invested in a large flat screen LCD or monitor and you’re equally serious about achieving the optimal display conditions then pixel protector will serve you well.


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Pixel protector is all about optimising your current display; it’s a DVD that works with your TV, monitor or projector as a diagnostics and calibration tool optimising your image quality to receive images the way producers and broadcasters intended. Pixel protector is very popular for its screen repair features it can remove screen burn, Detect, Analyse and fix Dropped pixels/ if you have a TV or monitor with screen burn or dropped pixels you will know how annoying it is.

Pixel protector is very simple to use you just need a DVD player connected to your display and select what you want it to do from the simple to use navigation system.

What you get with Pixel protector is the tools needed to Repair your display and the tools to calibrate it properly.



Pixel Protector has 2 main sets of features one is display optimisation the other is screen repairing tools.


Pixel Protector Screen Repair

Pixel protector is an awesome tool for removing screen burn and stuck pixels.

Screen burn or image retention appears if an image is left on the screen for an extended period. Eventually a “shadow” will be left and it will not go away which is why screen savers are a good idea. If your display has suffered from the effects of prolonged static images such as a desktop image, TV logo or any other image that has left a shadow then Pixel protector can aid in removing the shadow. Pixel Protector will Recalibrate the screen pixels uniformly and remove ghosting effects using a wash tool that switches the pixels on the screen on and off very fast (no adverse affects) removing the “memory” of the pixels which causes the burn. Pixel protector has multiple screen washes you have a snow Screen wash puts on a continuous snow effect and colour screen wash and a white wash goes on for a few hours so you don’t need to attend your screen while it’s doing a wash.

Removal of a burn depends on how serve the burn is to start with. When a display is new then the effects of prolonged images can have a more serve influence and make the burn harder to clear. Many pixel protector customers have managed to remove screen burn in one session others with more serve burn will need to repeat the wash instructions.

Pixel Protector can also fix stuck pixels. Stuck pixels are different from dead pixels a dead pixel is a defective pixel that will not activate and remains unlit. A dead pixel usually appears as a black pixel that is highly visible on white background. A stuck pixel is a pixel stuck in one state (red green or blue). Pixel protector can reactivate stuck pixels by using rapidly changing colours on the screen. Some pixel protector customers and pixel protector themselves have stated that there have been occasional where a dead pixel has been reactivated.


Pixel Protector Screen optimisation

Pixel protector claim that over 70% of flat screen TV’s are not setup properly which is believable from the amount of TVs I’ve seen with washed out colours due to poor setup.

It’s very difficult to manually configure your TV to get the best picture from it. Even the seemingly simple things like colour brightness and contrast are hard to setup properly and everyone has their personal preference. Other visual anomalies from a poor setup are ghosting or colour bleed are things you will eliminate setting up your display using pixel protectors guide. Pixel protectors Test signals allow the TV setup to subjectively setup to your own assessment meaning your screen will be optimised but within the constraints of your person preference. The optimisation options on the pixel protector DVD are packed full of features. You also receive a full guide telling you how to use and get the most from the diagnostic and calibration tools needed to help you setup your screen to get the most of your TV monitor or projector.



You also get screen savers on the DVD which isn’t exactly worth buying the DVD for but it makes sense throwing it on the DVD as a welcome extra.



Aside from repairing your screen which is definitely worth investing in pixel protector for you get the tools needed to optimise your display and this probably doesn’t sound like much but it makes sense to me what’s the point in paying top dollar for a display if the screen isn’t doing its job properly.

I’ve seen some reviews saying that pixel protector doesn’t support 16:10 just 4:3 that is false it supports a broad range of formats and resolutions worldwide PAL or NTSC.

Pixel Protector is part of HS Publishing Ltd, pixel protector are specialists in home theatre setup exclusively involving LCD, plasma and projection displays. If you’re looking to repair problems or get the maximum your display can achieve then pixel protector is your trusty companion.


pixel protector benefit

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