Rescue my car breakdown assistance

What is rescue my car?

Rescue my car advertising solve as cheapest UK breakdown cover. They emphasise can get breakdown cover for around £17. The cheapest level of breakdown cover that they offer. That’s 12 months breakdown cover less than £20.

A lot people might wonder how rescue my car can offer breakdown cover at such cheap you have to know there are quite a few differences in the way that rescue Mike art operate from the RAC and the AA. The main difference and the reason why they can offer such aggressive price point is that they don’t have their own dedicated patrols don’t have to pay for van maintenance and their own specialist engineers as much as they would spend using local networks of technicians. They also argue that having a local network means that each person in the area has local knowledge of the specific area in this field to get to you faster. Some people may argue that not having their own patrols means there isn’t as much regulation and vetting for the engineers.

top competitive breakdown services at the very minimum would charge £30 and up to £250. Rescue my car don’t have their own dedicated patrols like the RAC are the AA use a network along 4000 independent breakdown specialists.

Rescue car also offer unlimited callouts. With some breakdown organisations you are limited to the returns you can use it per year or per membership cycle? Are there are no limitations collects.

One the cheapest ways to get the best quote from rescue my car is not surprisingly to buy online. When you buy online from companies they can keep their overheads cheaper then that price saving is reflected on the price for you. They offer the two types of membership that other companies such the RAC and AA offer. You choose between vehicle or personal-based cover.

With vehicle-based memberships that means the vehicle was covered so anyone driving the car even if they aren’t covered with rescue Mike are will be covered in the event of a breakdown to that specific vehicle. Personal best membership means that the person is actually covered. That means the person who has the policy is covered in any vehicle no matter if they are a passenger are a driver of that car. There are certain limitations’s for example if you are a passenger double-decker bus and it doesn’t mean the bus can be recovered. The limitations usually apply to the size of the vehicle and the weight. Check the terms and conditions for the full information regarding what vehicles are exempt.. After choose who you want to be covered there are a few options on the specific type of cover you want. The most basic type the compulsory time is Roadside assistance with local recovery. The next additional level of cover you can ask for is national recovery. They also offer European breakdown cover is an extra option. There is also the home assistance as an additional option. You can also get your keys covered and garage parts and labour cover. I’ll go into more detail specifically about these types of cover in another section.

Rescue my car is one the fastest growing breakdown organisations and you would expect it to be so with such a low price point. Since be extremely efficient on how finances are spread throughout company. Such a cheap price doesn’t necessarily mean you going to get a second rate service they offer 24 hour UK base call centres, contact communication. The average response time into breakdown location is 40 minutes. The servicemen they use also have a success rate around 75%. They also have a free accident management service case of the unfortunate event that your car is involved in a road traffic accident. This also doesn’t substitute having car insurance are going through you car insurance company but they do offer independent free advice if you are in a road traffic accident you can: three any time.

The don’t just only offer breakdown cover rescue Mike are through their parent company NCI pleased offer great deals on the following types of insurance. Car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance and travel insurance.

They also have quite an interesting new section on the website which offers a lot more practical news and other websites from breakdown services. Just looking at venues before you can see that they’ve got options for hiring staff and 10 cheapest cars to insure. Which I’m sure most people agree is a fantastic thing to know. They also have a useful dissection give motoring advice.

Rescue my car has a great rating with trust pilot. That means there four star rating out of five stars based on other 900 reviews. You can read their views on trust pilot their open very transparent.

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