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understanding your breakdown cover

Gem personal cover, whats included

As you may or may not konw Gem motoring breakdown assist has a somewhat unique approach when it comes to offering breakdown services. Most other companies offer a range of services from a very basic and cheap level of breakdown cover to a fully comprehensive and much more expensive level of breakdown cover. With most companies these vary from basic roadside assistance which means you are covered from that company in the event of a breakdown happens away from your home address and a mechanical come out to your car attempt to fix it if you can still take you on a local toll to the nearest garage if you want to be towed back home then you have to pay more for that service and if you want to have protection at your home address again you have to pay more for that service.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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All of Jens levels of cover are what they would consider fully comprehensive levels of cover and comes with all their offered services. The only difference with Jan breakdown assistance levels of cover is if you’re willing to pay for the cost of breaking down yourself and then later recoup those costs back from gem. If you to that you’ll save a little bit of money on your premium but obviously you have the money to pay for the costs of the repair and recovery side of the road. This doesn’t mean that gem will pay third the cost of repairing your vehicle but it does mean that they will cover the cost of recovering your vehicle.

GEM Breakdown services

So in this section I just want to go a little bit further through the actual things you covered for with Gem motoring assist.

If you get breakdown cover from gem you covered 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. That cover includes roadside assistance.

lack of a breakdown service providers you need to be more than quarter of a mile away from home and if you do breakdown they will carry out emergency repairs to get your vehicle moving again. If gem are unable to get your vehicle repaired are find someone in the local area who can carry out speedily repairs of your car they will take your vehicle to UK destination of your choice. Gem also have a very high success rate for repairing cars side of the road.

You also get a full nationwide recovery

with Gem motoring assist breakdown cover you also get nationwide recovery. This means that you can choose where you would like your car to be taken to in the event of a breakdown and it cannot be fixed. Choose anyway the mainland UK is your destination. All ability you vehicle will also take up to 7 passengers to any one destination you choose.

You also get the gem home start assistance as part of the fully comprehensive cover. This means if your vehicle does breakdown within a quarter mile of your home address gem assistance will come out to your car repair it address. Unlike other breakdown services don’t need to pay extra for this it’s all part of gem breakdown cover. Home assistance usually cost a lot more from other breakdown companies a lot people assume they have it automatically with gem you do. Home breakdown cover can be one of those things that very desirable. Imagine in the morning you can get your vehicle to start before you go to work or take the kids from school run what would you do for your car?

With Gem you also get onward travel if you breakdown more than 25 miles away from your home address and your vehicle can’t be repaired back on the road this can tell you with further travel arrangements or overnight accommodation if that’s what you want up to the value of £200.

One way to tell how satisfied previous customers are with a service is to check reviews that people have left. You can find many gem assist reviews around the web either on our site. On Gems own site or forums. If you do become a member then there are other perks which you can find in the members area