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GEMs charity for road safety

Gem motoring assist haven’t always been in the industry of breakdown recovery services when they were first formed in 1932 the in principle was to be a road safety awareness organisation. GEM Motor assist also registered their road safety charity in 1983. This organisation is run separate from the gym breakdown Association’s two separate entities. For gem motoring assist of author financial services to other road safety organisations throughout the UK. You might be wondering what a road safety organisation charity would actually do.

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Recent projects have been developed in the areas of improving safety for inexperience drivers and motorcyclists. As you’d expect more cyclists are a high-risk group when it comes to road traffic accidents and having people more aware on the motorbikes severely decreases)’s involvement. Gem charities also develop research into the nation’s future road safety targets.

The gym road safety charity aims to cut down public government expenditure on road safety by playing a role in vital safety initiatives for anyone using our country’s roads.

Some of the recent publicly available charity campaigns from Gem motoring assist are driving in comfort video which is published in order to help drivers and also passengers enjoy more comfortable travelling experiences while driving on our roads. The video is free and entirely funded by the gym road safety charity. It’s mainly a is to focus on the cognitive abilities of people driving as they age. And make people aware of how reaction times and other cognitive abilities that may impair driving performance increase throughout age. To summarise it looks at how the ageing process can affect driving ability. As you get older you might suffer from a few aches and pains in your body and also have reduced visibility the video also addresses a few simple techniques that can increase your comfortability while driving.

GEM Charity

Cyclists are one of demographics that use our roads that most at risk to help encourage safer cycling the charity released games on the junior cyclists which features a range of safer cycling puzzles activities and competitions. These all aimed at younger participants hopefully to raise awareness of the dangers of cycling on the road and the precautions should take to increase your safety while cycling. The games are fun to play and it’s very well documented that if you can learn something while having fun you will remember it more most of the information can be found on their cycle smart foundation website. A lot of the other puzzles are aimed at an even younger demographic aged between five and 11 and include games like master helmet and memory games as well as recognising road signs. The cycle smart foundation to register charity was founded in 1998 as a noble cause in reducing the number of children who are seriously injured or killed in cycling collisions. One of the easiest ways you can reduce serious injuries is by encouraging children to wear cycling helmets and every year to address this organisation distributes around 6000 cycling helmets to children living the most deprived areas as they are also at highest risk of fatal injury.

Still safe drive campaign was another campaign that the gem or an organisation charity ran and again was aimed at elderly drivers. Currently one in seven drivers in UK are over 65 years old and by the year 2050 that figure will arisen to a quarter of drivers. There are over 4 million drivers that are aged over 70 years old in the UK. With that many older drivers are seen as a significant part of the UK drivers that as well as the health problems and cognitive problems associated with old age means that gem of providing supportive measures and initiatives to help older drivers stay on the road for longer providing that they still safe to do so.

You can find many other programs and projects gem charity organisation has been heavily involved in to help improve not only people who drive cars but also passengers and pedestrians alike.