National Trust credit card

National Trust credit card - support your charity buy using their branded credit card. The National Trust recieve a donation relative to the ammount you spend with their card.

National Trust credit card

Unfortunately the National Trust Credit Card is no longer available despite it being quite a popular credit card. You can see what credit cards are available and which are best suited for you by clicking on the link below and visiting Go Compare and compare currently credit cards.

Egg credit card

National Trust credit card is brought to you by MBNA, The National trust "works to preserve and protect the coastline, country side and buildings of England, Wales and Northern Ireland" and not has over 3.5 million members.

Card Description APR Balance Transfers 0% Purchases Apply
National Trust Credit Card National Trust credit card gives donations to the National trust when you use it. 16.9% 0% for 13 months 0% for 3months

The National Trust receives £36 when you make your first purchase with the National Trust Credit Card and recieves 30p for every £100 spent thereafter. In addition MBNA also gives £2 a year each year the card is still active. There are 4 different designs to choose from and the card is made of none PVC- free plastic.

  • 0 % on balance transfers for 13months with a handling fee of 2.9%.
  • 0% on card purchases for 3 months.
  • 15.9 % APR is the typical rate for the MBNA platinum card.
  • Online banking is easy with MBNA to setup up direct debits check your balance see your transactions and more.
  • MBNA will chose your credit limit
  • Access your account from a phone 24 hrs a day.


As always with credit cards make sure you thoughly understand what you are signing up for before accepting the credit card. Check with the supplier for all the terms and conditions. On these credit building credit cards the APR is higher than the usual.