Student Credit Cards

Credit cards for Students

Students and money,the to go hand in hand. It can be difficult for a typical student to get a credit card with not much credit history, a young age and no regular income but luckly a few banks understand these issues and there are some cards that are specifically aimed at students.

Card Description APR Balance Transfers 0% Purchases Instant Decision Apply
Barclaycard Student Credit Card Barclaycard Student Credit Card Awesome looking card from Barclays is specifically aimed for students. 14.9% 0% for 14 months 0% for 3months
NatWest Credit Card NatWest Credit Card is aimed at students you do need a student account with NatWest. read more
18.9% N/A N/A
Virgin Credit Card Virgin Credit Card Not strictly aimed at students but a good alternative choice.
15.9% 0% for 15 months 0% for 3months

As always with credit cards make sure you thoughly understand what you are signing up for before accepting the credit card. Check with the supplier for all the terms and conditions. On these credit building credit cards the APR is higher than the usual.