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The RAC is one the biggest the most recognised brands in the UK. It is a premium level breakdown service. The RAC is the UK’s longest running breakdown service provider started in 1897 and has the second largest number of members and the second largest dedicated patrol fleet. The top two competitors in the breakdown market are the AA and the RAC when someone mentions a breakdown the usual response of who you think of coming to your rescue is AA or RAC patrol man. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a premium price. Its prices are very competitive but it service is excellent. It’s rated five-star by defaqto for all that breakdown service.

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The Price of Joining

As previously statist teh royal automobile club are very competitive pricing when compared to of a breakdown recovery service providers. Below you will find a table above that shows the price of the R.A.C. with the current online discounts. Slightly level of cover that is appropriate to your needs and click apply.

Do you need breakdown cover?
I’m sure everybody who gone to buy breakdown cover asked himself this question. If you don’t need to spend money on something you don’t want to. Lets face it Car Breakdown cover can be quite expensive. Typically it’s going to be over a hundred pounds and can reach up to a couple hundred pounds. No one wants to spend that kind of money if it’s not necessary. The other option is to not take any kind of breakdown cover all. If you’ve ever been in a situation where your car fails to work you will know that this isn’t a terribly sensible option. Cars are brilliant especially when they are working and moving in during this time you probably don’t think about what you would actually do if you breakdown. But a car that is broken down and doesn’t work is not fun all. Breaking down on a road that isn’t busy isn't a particually nice experience. But breaking down the road are motorway and not been able to get your car out the way is horrible. Even new cars breakdown. Any piece of equipment that is mechanical moving parts will eventually fail. If you happen to be in a breakdown situation and you don’t actually have any cover then you can have to pay an extra fee to join in the breakdown situation and this going to cost a lot. A lot of breakdown companies charge you per mile if you need to be toured home with out breakdown cover but if you are an RAC member that will not be the case. It will cost you an awful own money if you are in a breakdown situation you don’t have any cover. Once you know they say been a breakdown situation it’s eyes have peace of mind if you don’t have cover. If you know you covered then you have nothing to worry about and you can even be a second thought. That for most people is not at least the basic level cover. The RAC have been providing breakdown cover from hundred years and are firmly established as one the best in the business.

RAC Breakdown vehicle

RAC recovery services
The RAC has over 1650 dedicated uniform patrols serving its members throughout the UK so if you’re unfortunate enough to breakdown you will be greeted by a fully uniformed RAC patrol man. Their patrol men also use state of the art satellite technology to find you and cutting edge diagnostics equipment as well as their experience to find the problem and get you started again, they fix around 8 in 10 cars at the side of the road. RAC recovery service try to make it as simple as possible feast pick the right breakdown cover for yourself.

Roadside Rescue
The option of Roadside rescue is the most basic level of cover that the RAC offer. It Is there basic level cover and you will receive this and you will receive this in a matter what level of cover your after. With roadside rescue if your vehicle breaks down the RAC will come out to your location and attempt to repair your car and get you moving right away. If the highly trained patrolman cant fix your vehicle at the roadside you will then tow you in your passengers to a local safe destination. This typically is within 10 miles. More details on exactly what you get the roadside rescue please follow this link

RAC Recovery
the RAC recovery option isn’t additional level of cover that you can have with roadside assistance. This extends the tour local tour anywhere within mainland UK. So if you’re hundred miles away from home you can get towed home or anywhere else in the UK. This includes you and up to 7 passengers. More information on the RAC recovery option click here.

Home Rescue 
as the title implies this means you will receive recovery systems at your home address. A lot people might of look this and assume that they automatically receive assistance at home. This is not the case with just roadside rescue need to more than quarter of a mile away from home. So if you would like to receive assistance at home you will need at home rescue. More information on at home rescue read this

Onward Travel
onward travel is only available if you take out the recovery option breakdown cover. Onward travel means that in the event that your car can’t be repaired at the roadside and stick to the garage you will be given a courtesy car or Hotel accommodation are alternative travel arrangements for you are not seven passengers. It is an additional cost it doesn’t free with recovery you need to add extras you premium to get onward travel. To find out more about the RAC, onward travel click here

Who can be covered?
You have a few options to explore one who is actually covered with the R.A.C. You can choose between two types of cover what is personal and they want his vehicle-based cover. Personal cover will cover the person the matter what vehicle they are in. Whereas vehicle cover covers the vehicle. Depending on your situation you should definitely have a preference. There are also economic implications when choosing who was covered. For example if you want personal-based cover for two people in the same home save money game a joint account rather than two single accounts. If you want to read more about personal RAC breakdown assistance cover and your options read this. However if you think that vehicle-based cover would be better value click here to find out more

Additional RAC assistance extras
You can enhance your RAC breakdown cover service by choosing from the other additional extras for your breakdown cover.

Garage parts and labour
you can extend your breakdown cover to have parts and labour cover. This means if your vehicle needs to go to the garage and be repaired there RAC will cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle. This does not cover every single component within the car things such as tyres and other things such as you clutch that naturally wear down are not covered. You get the full list of terms and conditions on the RAC website.

RAC Key replacement
have you seen the cost of replacement key.? Nowadays with the type of data encrypted keys that cars use replacement he can easily cost £200. For around £15 to your cover you can get covered for losing keys and get them replaced.

Battery cover
One in five breakdowns are related to batteries. In 2013 the RAC attended nearly half 1 million breakdowns relate to batteries but so were frozen the day. The average price of replacement batteries are hundred pounds but fired £20 a year they will cover the cost of replacing the battery.

European breakdown cover
Quite self-descriptive you can get cover on the continent. This gives breakdown assistance if you are in mainland Europe

RAC History
This organisation si one the most modern equipped breakdown recovery services. The use expensive and complicated diagnostic equipment that can communicate with your on-board computer to determine what is the cause of the breakdown for your car. They also use excellent GPS tracking equipment to try and accurately locate where you broken down. They also well-known for using a priority system to determine who should be rescued first. If you and a more dangerous situation they make you a higher priority. They also have the largest number of patrols per member than any of a breakdown service. In theory this means it should receive assistance faster than any other breakdown cover provider.

RAC Offers
The RAC frequently run promotions and offers to try and drive the most competitive price that they can. Most people’s price range. The best way to guarantee that you going to get the best price from the RAC is to buy online. You can get RAC breakdown cover by clicking here and you will receive online discount. Of course if you are after the best deal you should always compare breakdown cover