Shelter Credit Card

Shelter Credit Card - support your charity buy using their branded credit card. Each time you make a transaction with your Shelter credit card a donation is recieved to the charity.

Shelter Credit Card

Shelter Credit card gives donations to the homeless charity each time you spend on the card. Upon using your shelter credit card for the first time The Co-Operative bank will donate £20 direct to shelter thereafter Shelter receives 25p for every £100 you spend. The charity credit card is run by the Co-operative Bank and is the latest addition to available charity credit cards.

Card Description APR Balance Transfers 0% Purchases Apply
Apply Shelter Credit Card Shelter Credit Card donations are given to Shelter a charity for the homeless when you use this credit card.
19.9% 0% for 12 months 0% for 3months

The shelter credit card also comes with a long-term APR of 12.9% but doesn’t have 0%balance transfer or 0% on purchases.

  • Purchase APR 12.9%
  • Cash APR 12.9%
  • Up to 59 days interest free credit.
  • Manage your credit card account online.
  • Ethical banking from Co-Op ensures that no other organisations that don’t fit to the co-ops clear-cut set of principles determined by the customer.
  • Requires UK resident aged 21 or over to apply.
  • 24 hr medical and legal assistance abroad.
  • No fee for UK cash withdrawals and no annual fee


As always with credit cards make sure you thoughly understand what you are signing up for before accepting the credit card. Check with the supplier for all the terms and conditions. On these credit building credit cards the APR is higher than the usual.