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taked to the destination of your choice

RAC Recovery more than just roadside rescue

The RAC offer a wide variety of services within their breakdown cover. What were gonna cover here is national breakdown recovery from the RAC. Don’t get this confused with the roadside assistance from the RAC. If you get recovery option you also get the roadside assistance. Whenever you have any kind of RAC breakdown cover you will always receive the basic part of the cover which is the roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance covered in more detail here means if you breakdown more than quarter mile away from your home RAC patrol man will come out to vehicle and attempt to repair it where it is. The RAC have incredibly successful engineers and fix around 8/10 cars at the side of the road. If however your one of those situations where your car cannot be recovered side the road you will then be toured. This is where the recovery option will come in. Without the recovery option your vehicle will only be toured to the local garage or home which ever is closer. Now without putting too much thought into it that doesn’t sound like it such a bad option car can’t get fixed you can get towed to the local garage. But think about that if your say 200 miles away from home and you can get towed to the local garage that still means you going to be 200 miles away from home.

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This of any look will start pen picture to what recovery option from the RAC is going to entitle you to. The recovery option means that no matter where you are in mainland UK can get that tour back home if you want to. You actually entitled to be toured to any destination in the UK of your choice. This means if you want to go home you could do that or if you are travelling to a destination somewhere else in the UK and you rather be taken name completely destination you cross do that. Is probably ideal if either situation you going to have the ability to fix your car when you get vehicle to the destination.

There are some stipulations to have any vehicle toured even with the recovery option for most people are within the specifications of what’s necessary to actually receive the recovery service. Make sure to check the RAC for the exact dimensions of the vehicle if you have a very large car then you may want to check beforehand or if you drive a boss however these are not normal situations for jet general customer which should be aware. You also might be wondering how many people would you be able to have in the car and get toured is a limitation is it’s could be for you and one passenger what would happen to the other two passengers if there was for viewing the car? Well the tour is further you and up to 7 other passengers slot 8 in total to be taken to the destination of your choice.

RAC national recovery

You have to decide yourself whether this level of cover is going to be necessary for how you use your vehicle and then look at the cost and way of your options. You may also want to extend this level of cover to other people in your household and you have a joint membership or a family membership from the RAC. If you choose vehicle-based cover it’s also can be used on that. Hopefully the expense of the RAC recovery service offers you and your build to make an informed decision as to whether want it on your breakdown cover.