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Cost of RAC membership

What are the RAC membership costs? It’s no secret that the RAC is one the U.K.’s premium breakdown cover brands. It’s one the most recognised brands in the UK with that in some people’s minds comes an expensive price. A premium product equals a premium brand? Well that’s not necessarily true especially in the RAC’s case. And especially in breakdown cover. Rake down cover is an incredibly competitive market in all the major providers fly extremely fiercely amongst themselves for the cheapest price the can at the greatest level of service. The AA and the RAC are probably seen as the two largest breakdown cover brands and they do have the largest market share. However you can get breakdown cover with RAC for surprisingly cheap.

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Breakdown cover with the RAC can meet paid for within the region of £30-£40. They have extremely competitive prices especially take into consideration that the RAC have more patrols per member than any other breakdown service provider.

RAC membership costs

If you do have to use breakdown cover you want to know the going to reach you in the relatively short amount of time. Nor want to be stuck in a precarious position with a car that doesn’t work any longer than they have to.

The RAC are constantly updating their prices so before we delve further into RAC membership costs it’s worth realising for the most up-to-date prices as well as any special offers that may be on its worth going to the site.

There are many different levels of breakdown cover available from the RAC two things are gonna impact the price. One the type of breakdown cover that you want who is covered. The level of breakdown cover that you want is obviously gonna differ from person to person and it’s best to look at your options. The most basic level of cover is just roadside assistance this is also the cheapest and it just entitles you to have an RAC patrol man come out to vehicle in the event of a breakdown situation can’t fix right outside the road you will tour you and your vehicle to the nearest garage. Without any add-ons and with this let basic level cover you have the more than quarter mile away from your home. So if you happen to breakdown at home you not entitled to the service. You need to have home start on your breakdown cover to receive protection at your home. An in-home service onto your RAC membership will increase the price but entitles you to cover at home. Also having a rac national recovery service isn’t extra level of cover that will also increase the price but entitles you to have you in your vehicle recovered and taken to any UK destination of your choice without it and just with the standard roadside assistance if your vehicle can’t be repaired you will only be toured to a local safe spots such as a garage or your home if you’re in the local area. To find out more about RAC vehicle recovery click here. The other options that you might be interested in is also onward travel. If you vehicle is broken down and it can be fixed and it’s got to stay in the garage for a couple of days then you gonna need a courtesy car or it’s likely that you going to need one think if you need one and if you would manage about one. With the onward travel you are entitled to a courtesy car or travel costs paid for to reach a single destination.

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So those are the types of cover that you can get on your membership you are going to affect the premium. The more comprehensive the cover the more it’s going to cost. The other factor that is going to affect the price of your RAC membership is who cover is for. As you would expect the more people that you have covered the more it’s gonna cost. There are more economical ways of doing it though the many people are aware of. Some people are unaware that the RAC offer joint and family memberships and also vehicle memberships. Not knowing that these options are available to means quite frequently people take out many single memberships for each member of the family. If you have a single membership with every member on it’s actually cheaper. In many situations actually taking out a family membership for a family vault for people or a RAC joint breakdown membership for to 2 people is gonna make quite a considerable saving. This also vehicle-based membership which can be quite a lot cheaper also but you need to be aware of what you gonna be covered for if you take out vehicle-based membership as opposed to personal-based membership. In simplest terms vehicle-based membership only covers the vehicle with personal membership will cover you in any vehicle as a driver or passenger. Hopefully this shed some light on how the RAC membership costs are going to be affected with different levels of cover. The most recent prices you can either check our price on this page are go directly to the RAC website. You can also find our RAC breakdown reviews and the accolades the RAC has won before

Insurance is one of those things one or would like to pay for it. You pay for something that you hope you never going to use but it’s about protection and it’s about that peace of mind if you want more information get the latest up-to-date prices from the RAC please visit their site.