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The RAC is an incredibly large motoring organisation. You can find many different RAC reviews from many different people. On this page we might not go in depth with too many RAC reviews please feel free to subscribe and share your own reviews. You can send as an email if you want to tells about your RAC experience.

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The RAC recovery service has an incredibly high member retention rate, it’s upwards of 90%. That’s a very incredible retention rate and it tells of the most of their customers are very happy with the service happy enough to continue on paying for the membership. But with such a large customer base you’re bound to have a few people have experiences the answer great. It’s inevitable and it’s going to happen there are always going to be few people who slip through the cracks and don’t receive the service that most people expects and receive. The other thing with this is that if you have great service usually don’t tell anyone or you less likely to tell people and if you have a bad service. If you have a very bad experience you want to tell the world and most people do. So you might find a lot of bad reviews about any breakdown service provider. In fact you going to find bad reviews about every big company that exists.

RAC Breakdown Reviews

Bearing this in mind the RAC are incredibly transparent and they actually have a section on their own website and forum where you can read real reviews. This is always a good sign when a company is that confident that the going to be transparent and not censor when people want to make complaints. Not only to the RAC not censor people want to make a complaint they also offer a platform on which people can write about bad experiences as well as good experiences.

The RAC also pioneer technologies and have apps that you can use shop smart phones that will tell you how long you going to have to wait before you receive service which is a fantastic little addition. They also use this as the GPS tracking device of the can pinpoint exactly where you are. The use of technology like this makes such a difference there was a time not too long ago where you would breakdown that the weight without any information as to how long it would be now you get up-to-date information to your phone tell you exactly what’s going to happen and when you going to receive the service. If you’re looking for RAC reviews the best thing to do is go to their site.

Even a quick browse on the Internet is going to show you incredible mixed reviews just for the same reasons we previously discussed you see one star reviews or five-star reviews. You can find out more information about joining the RAC throught our site. Either click the link previous to this sentence or use the navigation on the right hand side