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RAC roadside and recovery explained

Getting the right level of cover for your RAC breakdown cover some and a tricky task. You don’t want to take out elements of cover that you don’t need for the premium. But you certainly don’t want to get level of cover that doesn’t meet your requirements and left short if you are found in a breakdown situation.

Roadside and recovery

RAC roadside and recovery is a very popular selection for people who take out breakdown cover. With any type breakdown cover from the RAC you quite have the compulsory RAC roadside assistance element of the cover. Which means that if your car breaks down on a quarter of a mile away from home, more quite your vehicle and attempt to fix the road. Now if you just at the roadside assistance and the patrolman can’t get it repaired Sally Rod he’s going to take you out of the danger situation and take it either a local garage or home is it within 10 miles.

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A lot of people may think they’re entitled just with the roadside assistance to be taken home from anywhere if they are in the country. This isn’t the case if you hundred miles away from home happens to be Kent any vehicle can’t be repaired at the roadside the RAC patrol man is going to take you to a garage in Kent is not going to take you hundred miles back to your home address.

So the element allows you to be towed anywhere you like within the UK is the recovery aspects of cover. Typically costs an extra £30 if you’ve opted vehicle-based cover and attached just £50 if you have personal-based cover.

Do you need RAC recovery?

This is an excellent question depends on the situation. It depends on your driving habits not your actual performance and driving and if you consume a lot of petrol but whether you cover a lot distance and whether that distance is long-distance. If you only ever travel around your local city never go anywhere else then you’re not going to need recovery you always going to be within the 10 miles hopefully of the roadside assistance tour that you are entitled to. However if you constantly up and down the country travelling more than 10 miles from your home then it’s worth considering the recovery if you breakdown far away from home consider how you would get back if you breakdown service provider the RAC would not be back. I do think that you can still receive a tow back home with roadside assistance but you going to have to pay for every mile and it will soon add up.

Other things to consider

a lot of people also take out home start. Even if you have the roadside recovery you still not covered at home. You can click here to find out more information about RAC home recovery. You also need to know whether that cover you get from the RAC should be vehicle-based breakdown cover or whether it should be personal-based breakdown cover