Single Trip Euro Breakdown Cover

European cover for a single trip

Single Trip European Breakdown Cover

The RAC offer an award winning RAC European breakdown cover. In fact it’s rated by de facto and many other people is the best European breakdown cover you can get. It even supersedes the AAs European breakdown cover from a lot of critical reviews as received.

We have spoken about the RAC’s European breakdown cover in a previous article but that is more about the annual European breakdown cover.
Obviously annual cover is great if you could be making frequent trips to Europe but if you just want to make a single trip you don’t have to pay the premium which can be hundred £150 or around that for four years cover. The RAC try to accommodate everyone and have particularly impressed us with how versatile they been with all aspects of breakdown cover this includes European breakdown cover.

RAC vehicle cover

They do offer single trip breakdown cover and is a lot cheaper than taking out annually. If you look on the RAC website will say that you can get European breakdown cover from around 7 pounds. the only problem I see with this pricing structure on the website is that you may think the annual cover is going to be cheaper than expected the 7 pounds is for the best conditions and the cheapest conditions for a single trip to Europe. When we ran a quote through for our vehicles it was coming out around £20 per European breakdown cover for a couple of days. Get single Trip European Cover from the RAC

They do offer a lot of options or such as how many people become you on the single trip and if you be towing any vehicles and these influence the price.
But as you would expect it is a lot cheaper to get a quote for a single trip to Europe rather than the full annual level cover. But you will still receive the same level of cover and all of the same services as if you take out annually.

With the RAC’s single trip European breakdown cover you get an experienced case handler who will guide you and manage you from the start to finish until the breakdown situation is resolved. The RAC will also liaise with the garage that you going to go to if your car can’t be fixed and ensure that you only pay for the essential repairs near to get you going. The RAC will also cover the costs of the dispatcher the route per vehicle and the dispatch men of replacement parts but they will not pay for the parts themselves.

RAC vehicle cover

Perhaps what your most be interested in is waiting time. No one wants a holiday interrupted with a breakdown. So the RAC are delighted to tell you that the average time in France is 50 minutes which considering it’s another country is very impressive. Also 93% the cause ranted within 15 seconds. 62% of breakdowns are dealt with on the same day which is great again as little diversions from holiday possible.

Single trip European breakdown cover from the RAC is five-star rated by de facto. If you’re interested you can click below to go to the RAC’s European breakdown cover webpage.

We also recommend that you read the terms and conditions on the RAC website and refer to those rather than our website is the RAC may update their website before we have chance to update ours.

Finallly and I know it may seem obvious but don't forget your UK based RAC cover and don't forget that it is cheaper to take out Joint RAC breakdown cover rather than 2 individual policies