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European Breakdown Cover From the RAC

breakdown cover isn’t something you think of daily. It’s also hard to imagine how scary it can be one actually in a breakdown. Sitting at home and thinking about breaking down the sink it’s quite uncomfortable and it’s not a pleasant experience but it’s going to do nothing to pave the actual experience because the emotions involved won't be there.

Not all breakdowns of the same and this definitely different level of stress involved in different breakdowns. One factor that correlates very strongly with how stressful a breakdown is going to be is the distance away from home. If you breakdown in at your home address provided of a special occasion you need to get to you could imagine that it’s not gonna be a stressful is if you breakdown 20 or 30 miles away from home.

RAC vehicle cover

Most of this down to familiarity and proximity. Most people know more people in the area they live then save 1020 miles away and the further you go away from your home address it’s likely can be the less familiar with the surroundings and people live there.

You probably wont have as many contact details and area for away from your home. So imagine being abroad and breaking down. Especially if you don’t speak the language and you don’t know anything about the situation you might not even be familiar with the side the road you driving on. The stress level is again multiplied.

So if you are going abroad a lot of people want European breakdown cover. It makes sense from the perspective that its can be a lot harder to fix it yourself or talk to mechanic I get home if you’re in another country.

The raw independent companies who offer breakdown cover and obviously there RAC is a UK-based breakdown cover provider. The RAC is one the best and most trustworthy breakdown providers so fortunately they do actually offer European breakdown cover.
There are a few differences between your native UK breakdown cover with the RAC and what the RAC offer the rest of mainland Europe.


You can visit their website to get a quote directly here but we will also going to a little bit of detail about what exactly you are going to get European breakdown cover.

The RAC proudly state that they offer the best European breakdown cover available on the market including the AA they call it the comprehensive plus cover.

So this level of cover are going to try to fix your vehicle at the side the road or take you to the nearest garage and they also provide recovery services within 49 different countries which is a huge area to cover. They offer single trip European breakdown cover as well as annual European breakdown cover

you be glad to know that you do have access 24 hours a day seven days a week to English-speaking helpline the been read by the de facto as five stars and the do have flexible quartz that are going to suit you. Their policies are far vehicles of any age including classic cards and also provide cover if you’re towing.

It’s surprisingly cheap and the standard level of cover can be from £6 pounds and the best level of cover the comprehensive plus can be taken out from as little as £9. Do note though that that is for a single day trip. Annual European breakdown cover is going to vary a lot but will cost around the region of hundred and £150.

You can also see here the comparison between RAC and AA European breakdown cover as well as green flag.

RAC vehicle cover
The differences are well laid out on the website but with the standard level of cover guilt to £1250 roadside assistance but with the other two levels of cover this unlimited roadside assistance in Europe. With the best conference of cover they’ll pay around seven times much towards the value of costs and labour. That’s up to £1000 instead of hundred and £150. The accommodation and travel expenses if you are entitled to them are much larger on the best conference of cover as well. They also pay to get your vehicle back to the UK if it can’t be fixed for the top level cover or give you £500 towards that if you take the cheapest level of cover with them. Make sure that you also have the correct level of native breakdown cover. The RAC do huge discounts for RAC family breakdown cover compared to individual cover.

It is best thought have look at the website itself because the terms and conditions will update and change possibly faster than we have time to update it here ourselves.

so when you’re taking out RAC European breakdown cover you have the options between a single trip and annual cover. If you’re only going to do single trip you going to need to know the trip duration and also the countries that you want covering. The RAC offer cover in three different zones so make sure that when you’re picking the countries that you want to be covered in the correct on. They also want to know how many people there will be the need to be covered for and also if you’ll be towing anything. All these affect the price.

RAC vehicle cover
It may seem a little bit expensive but European breakdown cover is going to be expensive because of the logistics involved. It’s a lot further away and a lot of harder to operate because that.

Though RAC European breakdown cover is rated as the best European breakdown cover you can buy.