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Save money with famliy breakdown cover

RAC family breakdown cover this is a title my already explain, Is breakdown cover for your entire family. Breakdown recovery from the RAC comes in a variety of setups. Vehicle or personal based, with personal you can take out a single membership a joint memeberhips or family. This article is going to focus on Family breakown cover.

You can get up to 4 people covered with family breakdown cover. You might be asking why would anybody want family breakdown cover you can obviously just take out individual cover for each member of your family. Well having all memberships on one single family membership will entitle you to larger discounts on the policy. In almost every situation it’s going to be cheaper to have one family membership rather than two or three or four individual memberships all in the same household. Usually if there are just review once in RAC breakdown cover within the household joint membership would be appropriate for you. If you need more than two people then family membership is usually the way to go. Everyone has the full level of cover that is on the policy and there is no difference to the type of service you will receive from single, joint or family memberships.

You can easily compare the prices of top breakdown cover providers below

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

Make sure when you do get out the policy you are covered for exactly what you want to be covered for. There is a huge variety in what levels of cover you are going to be covered for with RAC breakdown cover. If you need to be toured to a certain place in the UK then you may need a recovery service with breakdown cover. If however someone else on the membership doesn’t need that level of service I would like a different level of service that other people membership then you will have to decide whether everyone will have that level of cover and you would have to pay extra art may be cheaper just to take that person off the RAC cover and had them have their own individual RAC membership breakdown.

RAC family cover

To bear in mind that you may be else make huge savings especially if everyone wants same level of cover and you have for people living in the home. The more people you have on a family membership the more money you will generally save. Free people on family membership and still make more savings than having a single joint RAC membership and a single membership so it’s worthwhile taking out family membership just the free people as well as for. Obviously prices with the RAC change all the time which want to show you some of the options are available to you and make you aware that family membership is there and you may be entitled is great savings by having everyone covered on the same policy. You can follow this link if you want to find out more about RAC membership prices

But as always you should check their prices on the website before committing to buy an always read the terms and conditions to see what everyone is entitled to if you do want to get a family membership from the RAC.