RAC joint breakdown cover

Two people covered for a cheaper price

RAC Joint breakdown cover benefits

RAC joint membership can be a great way to save money if the situation is right for you. Many people are unaware of the money they could save by getting a joint membership. The breakdown cover from the RAC can be got at very competitive prices for their seven is anyway. And it’s very tempting take out a membership for every member of your family. If there are two people living in the same household you both have RAC membership then you can certainly save money by getting a single joint membership instead. Get one membership has two people covered in seller just one can save approximately up to 33% of the cost in the best situations. It’s almost always more economic league efficient to get a joint membership from the RAC rather than two single memberships.

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

There are other options as well such as vehicle-based cover which may be appropriate if you just share one vehicle don’t use any other vehicles as a passenger or driver then that might be a worthwhile investment from the RAC to find more information on vehicle-based breakdown cover click here.

RAC joint membership

With get a joint membership there is a varying degree of money that you can set depending on the level of cover which is out. If you take out the most basic level of cover then obviously your savings are gonna be less than if you take out a more comprehensive level of cover where you will really feel and get larger discounts for a joint membership.

So next time either yours or anyone else who lives in the same household memberships up for renewal look at your options to see if it would be more feasible to get one joint membership or even if the family breakdown cover option from the RAC would be more appropriate for you. Family breakdown cover is like joint breakdown cover where you will take advantage and get all the discounts but for more than two people. Joint breakdown cover will only cover two people.