RAC personal breakdown cover

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RAC personal breakdown cover What It Entails

When buying RAC breakdown assistance you have a few options for what type of cover is available. You other selection levels to choose from. You can choose just the most basic level of cover which be roadside assistance are you can have additional features such as cover at your home and the ability to be taken to a new in UK if your vehicle can’t be repaired. So this is the level and the amount of cover you want you also have a choice of how you want the cover to be applied. Can either have the cover applied to the vehicle or to a person?

Choosing the very vehicle or person radically changes what the cover actually means. If you have a vehicle covered then it means that vehicle and that vehicle one is covered for breakdown and regardless moved is driving it. So friends driving it doesn’t have any breakdown cover himself personally the car breaks down it’s still covered because the vehicle is covered. The other type of cover is personal cover. This covers the person themselves in a breakdown situation. So if you are covered by the RAC personal breakdown cover then regardless of what Collier in as a passenger are the driver you covered to receive assistance.

You can easily compare the prices of top breakdown cover providers below

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

It used to be that personal-based cover would be the default when used by breakdown cover however at the moment it seems that vehicle-based membership is selected by default if you use the website. Vehicle-based membership is typically cheaper than personal best membership. But don’t let that affect your judgement more than what your requirements are.

RAC Personal cover

With personal breakdown cover you also have a few options which can save you money if that’s what you want to up for. You can extend personal breakdown cover talk to 5 members within the same household on the same account. If you want to get cover for two people personal cover. You have two options you can either taper to separate RAC breakdown cover accounts for each individual or you can set one account and have a joint two people. The latter seriously gives you incredible savings over taking out to individual accounts. With joint breakdown cover both people are covered on the same account and you can make huge savings.

What level of cover is appropriate?

Once you decide whether you want personal vehicle-based breakdown cover from the RAC you’re also going to have to decide on what situations you want to be covered for? Do you need to be covered at your home address? You are covered with normal Roadside Assistance at your home address but for example the majority of problems in 2013 vehicles was battery malfunctions due to cold weather. If you think about it this is most likely to happen at your home address this means that you breakdown at your home address dependent on the weather can be very likely compared to other situations you might need to take RAC home cover. You also need to decide whether you need the ability to be taken to anywhere within the UK with just a standard roadside assistance if your vehicle can’t effects it can receive a tour but it’s only a local tour breakdown hundred miles away from your house and your vehicle can’t be repaired then you still going to receive a tour but in that local area so you still be hundred miles away from home. So for people who travel long distances recovery option is usually chosen this means you can get off anywhere within the UK. Use our comparison tool or visit this page for our RAC Membership cost breakdown.