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Being in a breakdown situation can be borderline horrifying depending on where you breakdown what time of day it is and who do with. Most people take working calf are granted and don’t even consider the possibility of breaking down. Or at least it’s nice being that position where you have a reliable vehicle and you don’t expect it breakdown. However if you are in a situation where you find so broken down most people are ecstatic to see the patrolman coming to their rescue nothing else really crosses your mind at that point aegis focus on being recovered and taking your car to a safe place. Probably won’t put too much thought into what exactly is gone wrong with your car you just Wanna get it home or to the garage of your. If it needs to be repaired then is obviously going to be a cost with that this is where the next fright might come in. In most situations want your car is taken to the garage and it needs to be repaired you graph pay for it a lot of different situations it can cost a lot of money to fix a car some repairs will cost a few thousand pounds some might be very very cheap but the RAC do offer breakdown repair cover. The breakdown repair cover or as their Carla garage parts and labour cover you and your repair bill of the vehicle at the garage up to a value of £750 this will cover certain parts and any labour charges that the garage will charge for repair your vehicle at £750. There is no access to pay on it so you don’t need to make a contribution unless it goes over the £750.

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Garage parts and labour covers you if your vehicle needs to be repaired and can be repaired at the roadside and you will need to pay for the parts at the roadside patrolman uses a new car if it’s less than £750 or if you taken to an RAC approved garage. It’s no secret really the repair bills can be very costly if you find yourself in that situation knowing the RAC it will contribute £750 towards a repair bill can be a nice helping hand indeed. You can use up to 5 times per membership year and it usually costs around £82.99 to be covered for parts and labour cover for the year. The price varies for parts and labour cover and make sure to look at the exact terms and conditions of what is covered because some parts like tyres and other parts of the car which subjects general wear and tear are not covered so please read the terms and conditions and also check for the most recent prices on their website. You also need Sir RAC recovery to be eligible for a garage parts and labour.

RAC parts a nd labour

Some of the very small and simple terms and conditions to receive breakdown repair cover is that you car needs speed service of that registered garage within the last 12 months of taking out the cover and to the manufacturers specifications and guidelines before you take out the cover or make a claim. You will also need to provide evidence that you take it to a garage and have it serviced if you are making the claim and you to provide at the time of making a claim and this previously stated it excludes claims for damage caused by the general wear and tear is also not available for motorbikes caravans or imported vehicles. Check the website for full terms and conditions for the garage parts and labour if you want RAC breakdown repair cover.