AA cost of membership

What does it cost to join?

The cost of AA membership

A very good question to ask before you buy anything or make a financial decision is to know what you’re getting and how much it costs. AA Breakdown membership costs vary dramatically depending on your set of circumstances. That’s why we have a comparison tool that allows you to put in the level of cover you want and it will show you the price for that level of cover from each breakdown provider we compare.

AA membership costs

I’m sure you’re aware that there is a wide variety of cover available from the AA. The membership cost will scale with all the additional levels of cover that you want to have. This means at the very basic level it’s very affordable but if you want fully comprehensive cover that will cover you and your family for every eventuality is going to cost considerably more.

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Let’s start at one extreme end of the spectrum let’s start at the most affordable level of breakdown cover. The AA used to provide just roadside assistance for either a person or a vehicle to be rescued for the circumstances that roadside cover is so no home start and no national recovery. The cheapest one of these would have been the vehicle membership as this is their simplest level cover for one car. However in recent years they offer an even cheaper membership which is there “basic” level of cover. This is a stripped down version of their roadside assistance and there are a few cravats with this. So if you get normal roadside assistance and you breakdown you have to quarter mile away from your home to receive the assistance if you breakdown at your home address you can use the breakdown cover. With the same level of cover if the AA can’t get your car started again at the side the road they can only tour you a local distance. They want take you anywhere in the UK as they would with national recovery. The difference between just having roadside assistance and just having “basic cover” is quite large. The basic cover is a stripped down version roadside assistance and one of the major differences is that you can only use it twice a year which can be a big deciding factor especially futile used it once before you could be a bit worried about using it for the second time and if you have use it twice before you want to be able to have the assistance again. The other fingers for the little bit of money that you do save from the basic cover might be lost if you do have to use roadside assistance then with just basic cover you have the paper everything yourself. So for example with roadside assistance if you closed breakdown because you run out of petrol the AA would come and just give you a little bit of petrol free of charge but if you had just the basic cover you will have to pay for the petrol. Basic cover really is cover this for people who can’t really afford anything else but oneself the lowest level of cover from the AA it’s the cheapest in terms of membership costs. Full roadside assistance doesn’t cost much more and you are entitled to much more.

In terms of membership costs from the AA that’s as good as it gets close to levels of cover the basic level cover is cheapest then roadside assistance either for your vehicle or personal cover will be cheaper make sure to check both but is probably not best to try and get the cheapest breakdown cover you should try and tailor the quote to fit your needs and presenting the price rather than trying to get the cheapest level of cover. If you could imagine needing national recovery and not having it can be a powerful situation.

Membership costs then scale with each additional type of cover. So if you want home start on your vehicle it’s going to cost more than with roadside and the same goes the national recovery. Again you can have onward travel which will entitle you to a courtesy car in the event that yours can’t be fixed at the side the road which is going to bump you membership costs up and there is also parts and labour cover which will cover the costs of garage repairs in the event of a breakdown. The more competitive level of cover the hire vehicle costs.

The AA breakdown website is a very comprehensive website is very easy to use and you get instant price updates on everything you select a deselect so it’s quite easy to tailor make the quote to you. They also have instant chat on the website if you do get stuck you can talk to a technician right there.

You can also save on membership costs by consolidating your cover if you have it in multiple memberships onto one membership can save you a lot of money. You can even get joint cover or family cover that will include free for people it’s far cheaper to consolidate membership rather than taking out individual memberships for each person and that’s a great way of saving on membership costs. You can also pay for the membership in full or spread out over monthly payments which again lowers the membership cost as an initial payment but you will pay more over the period of the year if you opt for monthly payments.