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AA roadside recovery

As mentioned previously a breakdown cover comes in a variety of levels of cover and a variety of people that can cover. The most basic level of cover is simply roadside assistance. With this level of cover if you are to their fans than it unfortunate situation of breaking down you can phone for assistance in the mechanic will be dispatched what your location. Usually they will arrive within 45 minutes and attempt to repair your car. Most vehicles are successfully repaired, the current statistics are 8/10 cars are repaired successfully at the roadside. If you car can’t be repaired you be given a local tow to the nearest garage.

If you give it any thought a local tour may not be enough for many people. There doesn’t seem to be a specific range that is defined as local tow you may have to barter to see what you can get but it’s not very far the most a few miles or to the nearest place of safety usually a garage or your home address but you can’t go far. So if you’re in a situation where you driving far away from home and your breakdown in your car Be repaired to be towed to a garage that still far away from your home. So having a basic level of roadside assistance without recovery option isn’t usually enough for people who will be travelling long distances frequently, are even once in some situations.

AA National recovery

Everyone who gets breakdown cover receives the simple roadside cover usually the next level of cover people take is national recovery as it entitles you to be toured to any UK destination of your choice. The exact stipulation is that you and your vehicle and up to 7 other passengers can be towed to our single UK destination of your choosing. To have a national recovery you are going to pay more than a premium usually the previewing creases around £40 for a single person membership.

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Example of how national recovery works

Just to clarify and make it clear give you an example of how national recovery works. Assuming you’re in London and your breakdown but you live in Manchester. If you breakdown in London in the car Recovered without national recovery you going to be toured to a garage in London and be stuck there. You could have the option of being toured to Manchester you got up a standard rates of the tow and it would cost you £360 for a 200 mile trip. If you have the recovery option UN up to 7 passengers can be taken back to Manchester and it will cost you anything extra. Having roadside assistance and national recovery gives you a lot more freedom and protection but you’re still not covered at home to be covered at your home address you need to have aa home cover.

AA National recovery

Please not that it takes 24 hours for national recovery protection to come into effect. So you couldn’t use it in a breakdown situation you would have to pay to the towing fee. There are occasional offers for breakdown cover but you can always guarantee the cheapest price of a permanent discount from buying your breakdown cover online. You can also compare breakdown cover to see if you get in the best price amongst competitors. Though the AA is the largest UK brand please remember it is not the only UK brand and the RAC is seen as the biggest competitor and is to frequently complete in delivering the best service for the best price.