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AA Silver breakdown cover

The AA frequently have breakdown offers. The type of offers that they provide very dramatically usually it will be a reduction in price which everyone is always happy to have but sometimes they don’t do this and they offer money back for petrol or driving lessons or the chance to win over prizes and raffles. You’re probably most interested in getting your breakdown cover for the cheapest and seen what AA breakdown cover deals are currently available at the moment. Like we said they do have more so offers from time to time but only last a very short amount of time typically just a week. So if an offer does arrive then it’s best to take out the policy them to take advantage of it. We update this website to show the price of the breakdown cover that includes their current offer. There is a way to get the best AA cover for your money I will explain the stage is below.

How to get the best price for your AA cover

Always buy online, what offers the AA is running is usually an additional large percentage that comes off your breakdown cover policy if you buy the cover online. Everyone automatically qualifies for an online discount so it’s much better to buy a online rather than signing up over the phone or at a kiosk at supermarket. The current AA breakdown deal is for 20% off if you buy online which can do so here.

You can easily compare the prices of top breakdown cover providers below

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

Compare the price to an equivalent service such as the RAC

Another essential step before applying any breakdown policy is to compare it with other policies. The AA’s biggest competitor is the RAC. Competition is great for the consumer, it’s great for you. The AA and the RAC constantly tries to outdo each other with service and price. Unless you have a particular preference to one or the other you should always compare the prices between the two companies. The AA is the largest breakdown company in the UK and it has the most members but the RAC has the most breakdown patrols per member. They both offer an excellent service and it’s worth comparing as the RAC also has exclusive offers time to time.

You can also save quite a lot of money if you understand

Who is the cover for?

Getting your level breakdown cover corrects can also save you money understanding what you’re paying for and it is other family members that can be included on the membership it will also save you money. I’ve seen households take out multiple single policies when a single family breakdown cover would cover for people in the house and there would make a massive saving. You can also look into the possibility of getting vehicle-based cover you are only a room one vehicle or your family has one vehicle then you will sell a lot of money just covering the car rather than each of the people individually.

How much cover do you need?

Knowing how much cover you need will also affect the premium, this usually depends on the distances you cover and what you want to do if your car breaks down. If you don’t need a courtesy car or also accommodation then you might not need onward travel reducing the things don’t need will save you money but make sure you do include the things that you do need think about what type of cover you need. You may need aa home start breakdown cover if it’s important for your car to receive care at home. The minimum level of cover and all levels of cover will include AA roadside cover. This is the bare minimum with this level of cover there will send a roadside mechanic out to be call an attempt to get started at the side of the road if it cannot then it will be told to the nearest garage.

AA silver membership

Don’t pay too much

There is also something else you should be aware of. If you’re looking for an offer it’s probably because you’re a little bit price conscious. We know no mice pay for insurance you pay for something you hope you never use but it gives that reassurance and the peace of mind. If your car breaks down it’s going to be stuck you can’t move it. You need someone with the right equipment to recover it. No matter how reluctant you are to part with cash for breakdown cover just know that if you do breakdown and you have to get breakdown cover whilst in a breakdown situation it’s typical can cost you three times as much. You are taking a risk, if you breakdown without cover it will cost you a lot more money. Get breakdown cover while it’s on offer to get the biggest saving.