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AA Motor Bike Cover

if you currently have a motorbike you no doubt will be wondering if you’re eligible for AA breakdown cover or any other kind of breakdown cover after special circumstances and special levels of cover just the motorbikes. If certainly not alone in thinking this does over 1.3 million motorbike enthusiasts within the UK and no doubt a lot of those will want breakdown cover.

AA Motor Bike Cover

The AA do offer motorbike cover but it’s no different than their standard cover so even if you are on four wheels are two wheels you still get roadside recovery day or night 65 days a year will also take your bike to a garage work can be fixed therein then depending on level cover the mouse to take you home. Also if you had an accident will support you.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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Onward Travel Vehicle

But there is no special level of cover the AA is stand level cover will cover you for your motorbike. The only limitations of a breakdown cover or if your vehicle is too large. The one cover you if you are in a heavy goods vehicle but the will if you’re in a car are back. They also have the towing equipment to load your motorbike onto the back of a van and securely fasten it as you can see from the photo above. You don't need any special cover though and unfortunately you won't receive a discount. But if you breakdown they will know you are on a Bike providing you have told them before hand.

The AA breakdown cover does can be for any vehicle and with that it means any roadworthy vehicle such as a car motorbike van caravan or minibus. So there’s no need to worry the our experience with bikes and if you want to get a motorbike breakdown cover you can just click on the links from the comparison table above unfortunately there’s no discounts for having motorbikes it’s exactly the same pricing.

There are a lot of types of cover available you can even get AA Business Breakdown cover. If you have a fleet of vehicles also make sure you get the correct level of cover you require.

Always check the AA website for the latest terms and conditions they also have a lot of great breakdown avoidance advice.