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Protecting You At Home

AA Home Cover What It Entails

AA home cover is quite self-explanatory, it is a title suggests a year breakdown cover at your home address. To understand why you would want this you need to understand what you get with the most basic level of breakdown cover. With AA roadside Breakdown cover which is the very basic level of breakdown cover you will receive assistance from a mechanic will come it’s your car were rich broken down and attempt to repair it but only if it is more than quarter of a mile away from your home address. If it’s within a quarter of a mile of your home address in this is considered a home breakdown situation and you want receive assistance unless you have home cover. Your home address means your home address don’t worry if you’re a friend’s house and stay over your still be covered with normal cover it’s only at your registered home address where you will need to get home start.

Do you need it AA home breakdown cover?

Unfortunately there is not one answer that suits all. That’s why it’s an optional addition to the basic breakdown cover because some people will need it and some people will not. Each put yourself in the position and think what would you do if your car breaks down at home for a lot of people it want be anywhere near as bad as breaking down away from home because you don’t need to get your vehicle back to your home address. If you can get mechanics, or someone who knows how to repair your vehicle at your home address and fix it then you might not need home start. If however you you don’t have most happy resources and it’s imperative that you get to work in the morning then you might want to think about getting home start imagine what would happen if your car doesn’t start in the morning. Do you need to have the car working? The uplands of the day depend on having a car or do you have another contingency plan? These are questions that you can only answer yourself. Only you know if you need AA home cover. This is also usually balanced up against “how much does it cost?” The AA constantly change and refine the pricing structure but it’s usually around £50-£60 extra to have home start added to your breakdown cover.

You can easily compare the prices of top breakdown cover providers below

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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Most common problems at home

To help you understand what happened things can go wrong with the car and why you would need home cover would just go over some of the most common reasons for your car not starting at your home address. Also if you address some of these you can also reduce the risk of these happening. Always keep your car serviced and well maintained it’s less likely to break down that way.

Common faults

By far the most common reason for car not to work in the morning or at home is a flat battery. The AA will come out and help you got a flat battery so you are covered but prevention is always better than cure. It is recommended that at each service you ask for the terminals to be cleaned and protected with a layer of petroleum jelly to make sure they don’t rust and also make sure that it’s connected securely. Also if you don’t usually are often the battery will drain and it’s recommended that you charge it overnight if you only use and it once every couple of weeks.

The next most common reason for not get your car to start in the morning is losing your keys. The best way to deal with this is to have a spare key if you don’t have one you can save a lot of money by going getting a spare key cut before you lose it. It’s far more expensive to get a key cut without an original. The AA also has special train key specialists who can repair or replace lost all in our broken keys.

Tires are the third most common aspect of your car to prevent you from moving away from your home address. Make sure that the pressures are kept within the recommended range and really try not to curb it. I know that sounds obvious but a lot of people bought realise that curbing your wheels can chip them and cause slow leaks. Also check the balance of your tires, if they’re not even there will wear down in places faster than others this is particularly dangerous in the way away on the inside and you can’t notice unless you turn the steering out to see.

AA Home Start Recovery

The most common times of year for a breakdown And regardless of where is is the winter. Can’t stop functions are sufficiently in cold weather and a lot suffer from problems starting in cold weather. Breakdown cover is in a year’s policy soil cover you for summer and winter you can unfortunately take out breakdown cover for a few months it’s for a full year.

The AA do from time to time and run aa promotional breakdown offers and sometimes it’s possible to get even further discount on your breakdown cover. These are infrequent though which is always worth checking their website and know that you can get the cheapest price possible from buying online. You can check out the AAs website here the latest prices. You may also be able to save money by opting for vehicle based breakdown cover.

Right level of cover for people all so when you get breakdown cover make sure you do not in the most efficient way possible by covering the correct members of your household with one or more policies you can Follow this link For Family breakdown cover. Return to our home page AA breakdown cover to help you select the right level of cover you can use the link before this sentence.