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AA Joint Breakdown Cover

Hello and welcome to this section of full reviews look at joint breakdown cover from the AA. As we discussed in many other sections there was a lot of right with breakdown cover. The level of cover you get will dictate to what level of protection you have and also the cost. For many people is a game of weighing up the risk and the cost. Breakdown cover differs from normal insurance because is a lot more to choose from and some people may find it a lot more complicated. There are also options that people know nothing about and ways to save money that don’t void your breakdown cover. One of the options of like to talk about here is aa joint membership.

Don't Miss Out

Many people when sign up for membership missed opportunity to save money by getting individual membership for themselves and their partner when a joint membership would give them exactly the same benefits as to single memberships but save money. The AA do this for you as a way to present discounts to loyal members. They don’t necessarily know that you have two different memberships at the same address but if you tell them that you want to different memberships at the same address they will offer you a joint membership and because you got two memberships there they will also give you a discount. The same principles apply to family breakdown cover we can also make even larger savings. Also have the option of vehicle-based membership which can talk about here.

Just let things a little bit clearer and show you and illustrate the amount of money you can save we will provide a few examples of AA joint membership .

Breakdown Cover Price
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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

Examples of joint breakdown cover

There is a very degree of savings you will get from AA joint breakdown cover depending upon the level of cover you are actually apply for.

If you apply for just aa roadside cover it will cost you 49.99 for one person so two memberships will cost you £99.98. If you take out a joint membership you can receive the same level of service to people for just 89.99 this means you were saving 14.99. This is typically the smaller saving you going to make the joint breakdown cover because it’s the cheapest type of breakdown cover that they will provide if you get the more expensive level cover the savings will be even bigger.

Joint Home breakdown cover

With home breakdown assistance as well as standard roadside assistance that the AA from every membership you will look at paying £107.99 for a single person. So two single memberships will cost you £215.98. You can get a joint home breakdown membership for £149.99 this means you’ll be making a saving of £65.99 which is fantastic if you didn’t know you could get a joint membership to be spending an extra £65 for two people.

With Fully comprehensive breakdown assistance the savings get even better for everything the AA offers in terms of breakdown cover including national roadside recovery you will pay for a single membership £222.29 so that means that two memberships will cost you £444.58. A single joint membership will cost £267.29. Without even telling here the exact total you can tell that savings here are amazing. You will £177.29. So don’t miss the opportunities to get a joint membership instead of two separate individual memberships to the AA

AA National recovery

How to pay you can

Side not on my car comparison tables these prices may be a little outdated but you can expect that the same percentages for the money you saved to be the same. The AA update their pricing scheme frequently and we update our comparison tables but these examples may not be 100% accurate

Compare cover

Be sure to get the best value joint breakdown cover by comparing other breakdown cover providers. You can do so by clicking on the link just before the sentence. Just remember that the AA isn’t the only breakdown company that will provide discounts for getting joint breakdown cover you can also receive very competitive service and pricing from the RAC is always worth comparing cover to see if you get the best deal.