Renewing AA breakdown cover

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Renewing your aa breakdown cover

As I’m sure you’re well aware a breakdown cover is for a year. So that means once a year you need to decide whether or not you’re going to renew. Breakdown cover is quite competitive there are other companies such as the RAC green flag and Gem motoring assist choose from. So should you renew with the AA? Probably wondering if there is a better service or better price elsewhere. To answer these questions you can read our page reviewing the AA. 9/10 people who are with the AA renew. The AA has an incredible customer satisfaction rate. Most people who are who are in a breakdown situation and column the AA are generally satisfied with. Once you’ve experienced breakdown cover assistance from the AA most people do renew and the back to have that service anytime the breakdown of the car.

How to renew your breakdown cover?

The AA will write you in advance let you know that you going to renew. Depending on what kind of payment you set up you may need to contact them. You need to contact them if you want to change your level of cover are add people to it I take them off.

AA National recovery

There are many ways to renew breakdown cover typically the most frequent methods are forming the AA talking but you membership or going online and doing it their. If you renew membership online then you’re more likely to be eligible for the online discount. This automatically makes it cheaper than if you phone up.

You can receive special offers and the right to in the post where you can upgrade your cover online they call it boost your breakdown.

The AA also offer quite a few different payment options you can set up a one-off payment on a debit or credit card when you renew the cover and they accept Visa, MasterCard. Alternatively you can pay by direct debit monthly. But typically do this will incur a premium as they still want the money upfront pay for the service they will have to go to a loan company who pay them the money and you will pay the long company back. All this is done internally and you would make payments to the AA but this is why the premium will be more if you opt to pay for direct debit monthly. To bed I mind. You can also set up a continuous payment by direct debit or credit card. This means you still receive a notice if you don’t get in contact with them will automatically renew. So if you know that you going to stay with the AA this takes the hassle out of having to contact them.

You can easily compare the prices of top breakdown cover providers below

Breakdown Cover Price
AA-Logo RAC Logo Green Flag Logo
Adjust Quote
Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
Relay/Recovery Joint
Homestart Family
Onward Travel Vehicle

Before you renew

make sure that you have the appropriate level of cover that is going to give you the best value and is gonna cover you for exactly what you need. You be surprised how many people get this wrong. I spoken to a lot of people who have taken out individual memberships for same people in the same household. If two people within the same household of two separate joint accounts you can save money by having joint AA breakdown cover. The same can be said for family members to if there’s more than to view in the household one family membership from the AA will save you money over taking out individual memberships for each and every member.

Also you want to make sure that you’re protected for exactly what you need. All levels of breakdown cover from the AA come with roadside assistance. But roadside assistance does not give you cover at your home address. You need to more than quarter of a mile away from your home. Just think for a moment what you do if you can get the car started in the morning would be important or could you do without it. Once you’ve fought about that situation and what you do can get to work or take the kids to school you need to weigh up whether you would benefit from having AA home start. The other fingers with just the basic roadside assistance you want to be towed back home if you are a long distance away. The tour that you get with roadside assistance local tow of up to 10 miles. If you want to be covered nationwide to be taken back home if you’re car can’t be repaired you going to need national recovery.

There are also many other options available such as onward travel and parts garage cover which you can find out more about if you look at some of the links in the sidebar.