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AA Vehicle Based cover

We talked about many different models of breakdown cover in other sections of the website and there is a huge degree of flexibility depending upon what level of cover you want and how much are willing to pay. With also covered how you can save a vast amounts of money by getting a joint breakdown cover membership as opposed to buying individual memberships to people. The same savings can also be done with a family membership. I did say same savings but in fact the savings will be even greater because adding more people to one membership the AA will be generous enough to cut you bigger discount. In this page I want to talk about another option which is AA vehicle-based breakdown cover.

AA National recovery

Vehicle-based breakdown cover is another exceptional way of saving a bit of money if the circumstances apply to you. As with all types of breakdown cover their is no right and wrong answer and you need to think if it’s applicable to your situation and the situation people on your membership. All of the AA is memberships a personal best by default this means that the person is covered so if there a driver or passenger in their car to be covered in the breakdown situation and be able to call for assistance. It doesn’t stop there it covers the person to the not just covered in the own vehicle also covered in anyone’s vehicle. So if you have personal best membership and you in a friends car and it breaks down you can use your membership to get their car and yourself out of the breakdown situation. This is important not because things change slightly with a vehicle-based membership and you may save money but it is at the expense of some cover.

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Level of Cover: Roadside Who's Covered: Personal (single)
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With a vehicle-based membership the vehicle itself is covered. You nominate one vehicle to be covered for breakdown situations. This should be the household vehicle. Vehicle-based breakdown cover works especially well if you’re in a single household and you have one vehicle a lot of you use. This is a certified way of saving money rather than taking out for personal memberships or even a family membership you would save money by covering the car on its own.

Vehicle-based breakdown cover does mean that you not covered as a person and a longer so if you are in a friend’s car in a breakdown you can use your cover is specifically for that one vehicle. So if you do travel in other people’s vehicles you might want to consider personal best membership. If you only travel in your vehicle and then never passenger in our else’s vehicle-based membership might save you money the same goes for the family if your family don’t travel in any losses car just the one car at possibly two cars you could get vehicle-based membership and save money.

Not all vehicles are applicable to vehicle-based breakdown cover from the AA it does have to be under 10 years old.

How much can he save from the AA vehicle cover

Let’s have a look at some of the potential savings you could make by having vehicle-based cover instead of personal-based cover.

If you were going to take out normal aa roadside assistance and AA national recovery for a single person it would cost £99.99 and for a family it would cost you £206.99. Which in itself is a great saving as for single memberships would cost you near £400. The same breakdown cover level for a vehicle would cost you £74.99. That says you £15 off a single membership that personal and it also saves you hundred and £32 from the price of a family membership. Quite a large saving.